Amazon photo storage compared to the rest

Thought about using Amazon Photo Storage?

or… Dropbox, OneDrive or Google Drive

Me too!

I have looked at what’s on offer and it looks great. How does it compare to the other applications that I use though?


As you might be able to see by the fact I have a photography site, I like taking pictures. I use a multitude of cloud storage solutions but personally and professionally. The applications that I use are:

  • Dropbox – who doesn’t!
  • OneDrive – personal and with my office 365 account (for work)
  • Google drive – I did until it kept draining the battery on my mac…

My personal go to storage solution has been dropbox as I have managed to have a decent amount of free storage and it’s the most used when sharing files with other people (except from services like we transfer etc.) Dropbox has great support for many different platform and enables you to sync all of your files across many devices.

OneDrive was something that I used because it had it on my laptop and I was going to use this as my photo picture backup. I filed it quickly and the mac client wasn’t great.


Google Drive was a service that I tried to use as normally all things google and the internet are great. It has great integration with android phones and should be a good solution. The client on my mac really drained the battery and I realised that I had too many cloud clients installed and running at once.

Amazon photo

Now for the bit that your actually interested in!

I have a prime membership and saw that Amazon was allowing unlimited Amazon photo uploads – this is very generous and sounds to me like a great offer! I currently have 2 different external drives that I carry around with my pictures. I decided to have a look a bit further.


The Amazon Photo apps for iOS seem to work brilliantly and easily. It’s as simple as downloading the app and it asks you if you want to automatically backup all of your photos.


The Amazon Photo android app functions in a very similar way to the iOS app. Of course it looks different and says slightly different information but in essence, it takes all of your pictures and backs them up. It’s pretty simple actually!

OSX / Mac

The Amazon Photo client on the mac is pretty good. You get 2 different options of how you want things to work. The first option is to sync a folder on your computer. This allows you to have a local copy if you have sufficient memory on your Mac (which I don’t!). The other option is to use the upload client and to make the most of this, all you need to do is drop a folder into the app and the rest is done for you. Pretty simple stuff really!

Below is a list of locations to get the software for your device:



Lastly, I should also mention 2 other options that I have some experience with. The first is iCloud which I typically keep pretty much as an Apple backup option only. The other is the Creative Cloud (Adobe) which only offers 2gb for mobile sync with the CC photographer option. This is pretty small and not too useful for my needs.

Thanks for reading!