Durdle Door Sunset

Durdle Door Seascape

Durdle Door Sunset

Getting to Durdle Door

I saved Durdle Door’s location on my phone and also researched before going so that i could find it with ease. There is a camp site there which is a great reference point for the car and also sat nav (BH20 5PU).

It is worth noting that there is public parking at the site but the gates are locked after 5pm.

My getting there!

I managed to get caught in traffic and arrive far later than I wanted. I arrived at 5:15pm and most of the light had gone. Outside the camp site there’s a coach park and notices to say that you’ll be fined for parking there. Running out of light and time, I decided to call the camp site and see if it would be ok to park there – I was lucky! They said that I could park there but also advised that it was getting dark and would be dangerous.

Walking to the beach was estimated to be 15 mins but I moved as quickly as possible because of the light disappearing rapidly. I passed quite a few people who had finished and were on their way back to their cars. It is a little rugged to get there but for me this was part of the fun!

The pictures

When I finally made it to the beach and had all of my equipment setup, I still had the last of the colour in the sky. To take the pictures, I used my Sony a6000 with a Zeiss Touit 32mm lens. I changed the settings to manual and also the focus to manual. I kept the ISO set at 100 and used the Sony Playmemories app as a remote control. The first picture I took with a 30 sec exposure which seemed to work well. The next picture had an exposure of 1 min 30 seconds but I had to use software to bring out the detail. By this point, I was in the pitch dark and I needed to use my torch to focus.

Heading back to the car was more of a challenge than getting to the beach due to the steep incline.

It’s a great location and I would really like to have the opportunity to return at some point.

If you have any questions, let me know!